Demo Shop Image Download

We’ve included all of the placeholder images as seen in our demo shops for you to download here! This means that you can use the same images in your own shop as we do in our demos, which you may want to keep forever or even just while you’re building out the rest of the shop. Either way, we encourage you to use them as they may be a source of inspiration and help flex your creative muscles!

Step 1: Click the ‘Download Zip File’ button on the left.

We recommend uploading the placeholder images first! This way they’ll get populated once you upload the actual theme file.

Step 2: Uploading the images to your Shopify Admin.

Once you’ve downloaded the zip file, you will need to ‘unzip’ the folder before uploading them! In order to do that, you can just double click the zip file if you’re on a Mac. If you’re on a PC, you can right-click the zip folder, select ‘Extract All’, and then follow the instructions.

When you ‘unzip’ the folder, it will unzip a folder called ‘images’ which will contain all of the placeholder images.

Then, head over to your Shopify Admin. These placeholder images can be uploaded by going into your Files page in the Shopify admin.

Click the ‘Upload Files’ button in the top right corner. In the images folder, select all of the images at once (you can do this by clicking the first file, hold down the Shift key, then select the last file).